Interesting use for Stainless Steel Tank heads with a polish

Food Grade inspection mirror

Every so often we get feedback on one of our heads.  In this case one of our Stainless Steel Tank heads.  We made some small dished only tank heads and our customer turned them into a Food grade mirror for inspecting inside of food production machines.  Glass could not be used due to the possibility…

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Stainless Steel and Aluminum tank heads and baffles in a hurry?

Aluminum Heads and baffles

  We have added a new area to our offerings.  We have noticed an increased need to build tanks in a hurry.  Our new page lists stock items due to cancellations.  If you are flexible in your size, this might be an option for you.  The new page lists the stainless steel tank heads and…

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Aluminum Tank Heads used for surge baffles and lids

Dished and Flared Aluminum Tank heads cut to correct size

Our Dished and Flared Aluminum tank head design is often times used for internal stiffening heads or surge baffles. Recently we have done some dished and flared stainless steel tank heads that are lids for vats. They utilize the flat flange area for the seal on the vat or vertical barrel. The flat flange area…

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Pressed centers for Stainless Steel tank heads Baffles

Pressed Manway in Stainless Steel Tank heads

Wisconsin Stainless Head Mfg., Inc. has the dies to press a 20″ manway into Stainless Steel tank heads. The same tooling can also be used for Aluminum Tank heads. This allows the heads to be used as surge baffles and stiffening heads with out wasting the man hours welding in a ring to put the…

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Aluminum Tank Head… one never knows!

Aluminum tank head

After being in the tank head business for 31 years we still get surprised when customers share the end use photos. In this instance you can see a 71″ dished only Aluminum Tank Head that we made for the entryway of an urban apartment complex. They welded mounting plates to the back and 24k gold…

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Carbon Steel Tank heads any size or quantity

Carbon Steel Tank heads any size any quantity

We often get asked, “Can I order just 1 or 2.” Of coarse! This is a perfect example of our ability to meet customer needs. We recently completed a carbon steel tank heads job for a paint mixing plant. This job required 1 or 2 heads of every size in 2″ increments starting at 24″…

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